Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Shingle Roof Replacement With a New Roof

You finally give in and realize you need a shingle roof replacement with a new roof. You have had that same roof on the house for twenty one years. Over the past few years you have gone up on the roof and patched it your self when you saw missing shingles.

You have been diligent and preformed some rudimentary roof maintenance such as cleaning out the gutters. But with the age of the roof and all of the repairs it just makes sense to have a shingle roof replacement with a new roof.

So what do you do next? Well for one you can call neighbors and get some roofing contractor recommendations. Or you can check some home improvement write for us blog or you can do an online search for a roofing contractor.

One thing you should note if you go online is to choose roofing contractors that are local to your area. There are several reasons to do this. One is if they are local they will have a reputation you can check our fairly easily. Ask what roofs they have put on and go check them out if your want to. Also a local roofing contractor will have experience with your local weather conditions so will know what roofing materials work best in your area.

The last reason to use a local roofing contractor is that they will generally give you some kind of warranty, limited or otherwise, and it will easier for you to get them to come by too look at your problem if they are located only a few miles away rather than a days drive away.

When you make this decision for a shingle roof replacement with a new roof then you also need to decide if you want to replace like with like materials. You may decide to upgrade either with higher quality shingles or perhaps change the roofing material. Your roofing contractor will be able to assist you with this decision.

Once you have the names of three local roofing contractors you will need to call them and schedule an appointment so they can come by and look at your home. You really do not have to be there in person because they will come by, put up a ladder and walk your roof. Then they will go back to their office and come up with suggestions and an estimate of costs.

With estimates in hand you can decide on that shingle roof replacement.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Kitchen Carts - Your Mobile Entertainment Center

If you've ever been to an upscale restaurant, you may have seen the waiters shuttling carts back and forth between tables. These may be used to create a fresh Caesar Salad tableside or hold all the ingredients to make a Cherries Jubilee, complete with a spectacular flame as the liqueur is added to the dish.

Kitchen carts for the home can be used in a similar fashion. With just a few preparations, you can supply your cart with everything you need to keep guests entertained indoors and out.

For indoor entertaining, you can use your kitchen carts as a service cart. Before guests arrive, you can set up the cart so it has all the ingredients for cocktails. Load it up with your favorite liquors and mixers, glasses, wine and beer openers, etc. Don't forget the ice bucket. Once the party gets going, you can roll the cart into the main room and offer guests a refresh of their drinks. Alternately, you can simply have it there already, set up in the corner so you have your own rolling portable bar.

You can also use kitchen carts for appetizers. Many kitchen carts have large tabletops, allowing you to serve a lot of hors d'oeuvres and still have room for napkins and plates. Best of all, when all the appetizers are gone, you can simply roll the cart back into the kitchen. Lot of best furniture stores out there to purchase all kind of kitchen furnitures.

That is one of the great things about kitchen carts. You can use them to do all your food prep before a big party and then turn it into a service cart. Or, you can do the food preparation right then and there at the party. Imagine rolling out a cart and making fresh sushi for your guests.

Another bonus with kitchen carts is that you can leave all the dishes for later. Since they aren't taking up valuable counter or sink space, you can simply stack everything on the cart and deal with the mess later. Out of sight and out of mind, if you will.

Kitchen carts really excel in the great outdoors. While some homes have their main deck right next to the kitchen, others may be off the great room or living room on the other side of the house. If you love to barbecue, it can be a real chore getting all your ingredients and cookware from point A to point B. Usually, it requires multiple trips and you inevitably forget something and have to trudge back to the kitchen to get it.

With a cart, everything is right there. You can take your time loading it up with all your ingredients, meats, fish, etc., along with foil, pans, turners, spoons and anything else you need to host a big cookout outdoors. When it's ready and guests are arriving, roll the cart right through the house and onto the deck. A lot of carts even have slots to hold your favorite knives and a paper towel rack so you can keep everything clean and sanitary as you dazzle your friends and family with your backyard culinary skills.

If you want to stay mobile with a cart, be sure you choose one with large wheels, particularly if you want to use it indoors and out. Smaller wheels can be more difficult to maneuver, especially when you have the cart fully loaded.

If you want an easy to clean surface, you may want to go with all stainless steel or at least have the top stainless. This not only has the benefit of being a bit more sanitary than a wood top, but it won't stain either. If you love to cook red meats, you'll come to appreciate that fact very quickly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers

One of the easiest things you can do to protect your pool and keep it looking great for many years, is to invest in a quality swimming pool cover. It is a relatively low cost item, that can save you money and a lot of pool maintenance in the long run.

If you own an above ground pool deck, you will probably want to invest in two different types of covers. The first type of cover will be used during the warm months, whenever you are actually swimming in your pool. This type of cover is commonly known as a solar cover. 

The way it looks is sometimes compared to an overgrown piece of bubble wrap. It works by not only keeping debris out of the pool, but also by trapping in the heat accumulated by the water during the warm daylight hours. 

It is usually placed on the swimming pool in the evening when everyone is finished swimming for the day. This type of cover floats freely on the top of the water and can easily be put on or taken off by two people. One person can complete the task with a little bit more effort, but they will most likely end up getting rather wet.

The second type of cover you will want to own is a winter pool cover. As an owner of an above ground swimming pool, you'll find that this type of cover is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your pool free of debris. 

These large, heavy duty covers are generally made of some type of very durable synthetic material that can resist whipping winds and unforgiving winter weather. Most of these covers drape over the entire pool and are strapped down or weighted down along the outside wall of the pool.

Both types of pool covers mentioned here, cost no more than fifty or sixty dollars for most above ground pools. The time and hassle that they save pool owners is well worth the expense.